I am interested in joining, will it show what I am signing up for on my statement?

No. I am an advocate for privacy. Thankfully my billing merchant Indiebill agrees. The only information that will appear on your credit card statement is the billing merchant name. There is no information about Karisma, nudity or anything related to adult purchases.

If I enter my information, is it secured?

Yes. IndieBill is a very secured payment site.

Can I screenshot your snaps?

Yes you sure can. You can screenshot/save any of my snaps for your personal use. It just can not be uploaded anywhere.

How often do you post snaps?

Since I am in the process of renovating my membership site, I will be mainly posting to my private snapchat. I usually post a picture or/and a video daily.

Do you have a free public snapchat?

Yes, my public snapchat is karismasnaps

What is the difference between your public snapchat and your private snapchat?

My public snapchat has NO NUDES. My private snapchat has all the goodies (nudes). 🙂

Where can I see your deleted private snaps?

I actually save all my private snaps, since I know they disappear within 24 hours. You can view my archived/deleted snaps Here as a member.

Do you have any latest updates?

Yes, you can bookmark my Latest updates Page for daily updates.

What made you join snapchat?

Since I am in the process of fully renovating my membership site, I wanted to be able to post new material without the downtime of editing. Snapchat allows me to share my goodies with you, while I do backend work to my website. Snapchat will also be the near future of my retirement.

Do you have any social media?

Yes. Feel free to stalk me



I am having trouble with my payment what can I do?

If you’re having issues with your payment feel free to contact me here